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Creating a long-lasting, positive memorial in Marti Frunhoff’s honor that will withstand the test of time requires financial backing. We need your help to carry on Marti’s memory. Donate now.

Make Checks payable to:
Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden
C/O Christian Herman
4255 Juniata St.
Saint Louis MO 63116

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Marti Frumhoff's memorial garden project consists of a parcel of land located at the intersection of Utah St. and Morgan Ford Rd in the Tower Grove South neighborhood, less than 6 blocks from Marti’s TGSouth home.

Marti moved into the neighborhood when the area was in heavy transition, and her vision of what this neighborhood “could be” actualized. This was not an uncommon occurance... seems that almost any passionate idea Marti had, she’d find a way to make it happen.

Marti was especially excited to see the recent development of the new businesses and cultural/community activity that are happening in Tower Grove South’s own “Main Street”: Morgan Ford Road. Marti was also integral to the rehabbing of homes in the area over the last 8 years by starting an online group called The St. Louis Rehabber's Club and bringing an influx of new home owners to the neighborhood/City.