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Creating a long-lasting, positive memorial in Marti Frunhoff’s honor that will withstand the test of time requires firm commitment and, of course, financial backing. So many friends, supporters, family and acquaintences of Marti have helped us achieve the garden's vision. Now, we need your help to carry on Marti’s memory and provide for long-term care and maintenance of the garden.

The coordinators of the Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden are volunteers. We have an open book policy with an account that requires two signatures for any payment. We in no way finically benefit from this endeavor, we are committed to honoring our friend.

Donate now and help us succeed in creating a lasting memory for our friend, Marti Frumhoff!

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PayPal (the donate button above) charges a fee for every transaction, so donating by check is welcome as well, which ensures 100% of your donation goes to the Memorial Garden Fund.

Please make all your checks payable to "Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden" and mail them to:

Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden
C/O Christian Herman
4255 Juniata St.
Saint Louis MO 63116



Fundraising Events:
Have an idea for a fundraiser to help raise money for the cause? Interested in putting one on to assist? Please contact us!